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Jeffrey Epstein
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    Democracy and Its Others.Jeffrey Epstein - 2016 - Bloomsbury Academic.
    Today's unprecedented levels of human migration present urgent challenges to traditional conceptualizations of national identity, nation-state sovereignty, and democratic citizenship. Foreigners are commonly viewed as outsiders whose inclusion within or exclusion from “the people” of the democratic state rests upon whether they benefit or threaten the unity of the nation. Against this instrumentalization of the foreigner, this book traces the historical development of the concepts of sovereignty and foreignness through the thought of philosophers such as Plato, Locke, Hobbes, Rousseau, Derrida, (...)
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    Habermas, Virtue Epistemology, and Religious Justifications in the Public Sphere.Jeffrey Epstein - 2014 - Hypatia 29 (2):422-439.
    Jürgen Habermas's recent challenge to secular citizens calling for greater inclusivity of religious justifications in the public sphere opens new epistemological debates that could benefit from the rich insights of feminist epistemologists. Despite certain theoretical tensions, there is some common ground between Habermas and recent work in feminist epistemology. Specifically, this article explores the shared interests between Habermas and one feminist theorist in particular, Miranda Fricker. I choose Fricker because her formulation of the epistemological and ethical hybrid virtues of testimonial (...)
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    Anne O’Byrne: Natality and Finitude: Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 2010, 218 Pp, ISBN: 978-0-253-35531-7, $65.00 , ISBN: 978-0-253-22241-1, $22.95. [REVIEW]Jeffrey Epstein - 2012 - Continental Philosophy Review 45 (1):153-159.
    Anne O’Byrne: Natality and finitude Content Type Journal Article Category Book Review Pages 1-7 DOI 10.1007/s11007-011-9203-8 Authors Jeffrey Epstein, SUNY Stony Brook, 213 Harriman Hall, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3750, USA Journal Continental Philosophy Review Online ISSN 1573-1103 Print ISSN 1387-2842.
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  4. John McCumber, The Philosophy Scare: The Politics of Reason in the Early Cold War.Jeffrey Epstein - 2021 - Philosophy Today 65 (2):417-423.
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    The State of Sovereignty and a Future Democratic Justice. [REVIEW]Jeffrey Epstein - 2014 - Radical Philosophy Review 17 (1):275-279.