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    Not All Politicians Are Sisyphus: What Roman Epicureans Were Taught About Politics.Jeffrey Fish - 2011 - In Jeffrey Fish & Kirk R. Sanders (eds.), Epicurus and the Epicurean Tradition. Cambridge University Press. pp. 72-104.
  2.  34
    Epicurus and the Epicurean Tradition.Jeffrey Fish & Kirk R. Sanders (eds.) - 2011 - Cambridge University Press.
    Epicureanism after the generation of its founders has been characterised as dogmatic, uncreative and static. But this volume brings together work from leading classicists and philosophers that demonstrates the persistent interplay in the school between historical and contemporary influences from outside the school and a commitment to the founders' authority. The interplay begins with Epicurus himself, who made arresting claims of intellectual independence, yet also admitted to taking over important ideas from predecessors, and displayed more receptivity than is usually thought (...)
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    Acosta-Hughes, Benjamin, Elizabeth Kosmetatou, and Manuel Baumbach, Eds. Labored in Papyrus Leaves: Perspectives on an Epigram Collection Attributed to Posidippus (P. Mil. Vogl. VIII 309). Hellenic Studies 2. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2004. Xiv+ 377 Pp. 4 Black-and-White Figs. Paper, $25. Ando, Clifford, Ed. Roman Religion. Edinburgh Readings on the Ancient World. [REVIEW]David Armstrong, Jeffrey Fish, Patricia A. Johnston, Marilyn B. Skinner, Luigi Belloni, Lia de Finis, Gabriella Moretti & Antonella Borgo - 2004 - American Journal of Philology 125:471-478.
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    Anger, Philodemus's Good King, and the Helen Episode of Aeneid 2.567-589 : A New Proof of Authenticity From Herculaneum.Jeffrey Fish - 2004 - In David Armstrong (ed.), Vergil, Philodemus, and the Augustans. University of Texas Press. pp. 111-138.