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    Individualism in Early China: Human Agency and the Self in Thought and Politics – By Erica Fox Brindley.Jeffrey L. Richey - 2011 - Journal of Chinese Philosophy 38 (3):495-498.
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    Moral Exemplars in the Analects: The Good Person Is That. By Amy Olberding.Jeffrey L. Richey - 2014 - Journal of Chinese Philosophy 41 (S1):767-770.
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    Teaching Confucianism.Jeffrey L. Richey (ed.) - 2007 - Oxford University Press.
    Even the most casual observer of Chinese society is aware of the tremendous significance of Confucianism as a linchpin of both ancient and modern Chinese identity. Furthermore, the Confucian tradition has exercised enormous influence over the values and institutions of the other cultures of East Asia, an influence that continues to be important in the global Asian diaspora. If forecasters are correct in labeling the 21st century 'the Chinese century,' teachers and scholars of religious studies and theology will be called (...)
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    The Chinese Classic of Family Reverence: A Philosophical Translation of the Xiaojing– by Henry Rosemont, Jr. And Roger T. Ames.Jeffrey L. Richey - 2010 - Journal of Chinese Philosophy 37 (1):144-147.