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    Merging Frameworks for Interaction.van Benthem Johan, Gerbrandy Jelle, Hoshi Tomohiro & Pacuit Eric - 2009 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 38 (5):491-526.
    A variety of logical frameworks have been developed to study rational agents interacting over time. This paper takes a closer look at one particular interface, between two systems that both address the dynamics of knowledge and information flow. The first is Epistemic Temporal Logic (ETL) which uses linear or branching time models with added epistemic structure induced by agents’ different capabilities for observing events. The second framework is Dynamic Epistemic Logic (DEL) that describes interactive processes in terms of epistemic event (...)
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    Reasoning About Information Change.Jelle Gerbrandy & Willem Groeneveld - 1997 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 6 (2):147-169.
    In this paper we introduce Dynamic Epistemic Logic, which is alogic for reasoning about information change in a multi-agent system. Theinformation structures we use are based on non-well-founded sets, and canbe conceived as bisimulation classes of Kripke models. On these structures,we define a notion of information change that is inspired by UpdateSemantics (Veltman, 1996). We give a sound and complete axiomatization ofthe resulting logic, and we discuss applications to the puzzle of the dirtychildren, and to knowledge programs.
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    Dynamic Update with Probabilities.Benthem Johan van, Gerbrandy Jelle & Kooi Barteld - 2009 - Studia Logica 93 (1):67 - 96.
    Current dynamic-epistemic logics model different types of information change in multi-agent scenarios. We generalize these logics to a probabilistic setting, obtaining a calculus for multi-agent update with three natural slots: prior probability on states, occurrence probabilities in the relevant process taking place, and observation probabilities of events. To match this update mechanism, we present a complete dynamic logic of information change with a probabilistic character. The completeness proof follows a compositional methodology that applies to a much larger class of dynamic-probabilistic (...)
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    Communication Strategies in Games.Jelle Gerbrandy - 2007 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 17 (2):197-211.
    We formulate a formal framework in which we combine the theory of dynamic epistemic logic and the theory of games. In particular, we show how we can use tools of dynamic epistemic logic to reason about information change ? and in particular, the effect of communication acts ? in such a game of imperfect information. We show how this framework allows for the formulation of specific assumptions in pragmatics of communication, as well as the formulation of general results about the (...)
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  5. Essays Dedicated to Johan van Benthem on the Occasion of His 50th Birthday.Jelle Gerbrandy, Maarten Marx, Maarten de Rijke & Yde Venema (eds.) - 1999 - Amsterdam University Press.
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