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  2. Max Weber's Estate: Reflections on Wilhelm Hennis's Max Webers Wissenschaft Vom Menschen.Jem Thomas - 1998 - History of the Human Sciences 11 (2):121-128.
  3.  25
    Maturity and Education, Citizenship and Enlightenment: An Introduction to Theodor Adorno and Hellmut Becker, 'Education for Maturity and Responsibility'.Robert French & Jem Thomas - 1999 - History of the Human Sciences 12 (3):1-19.
    In a series of radio broadcasts, one of which is translated for the first time in this issue (pp. 21-34), Adorno and Becker claimed that modern education is profoundly inadequate. Their views on education draw heavily on Kant’s notion of Enlightenment as a process for the development of personal and social maturity and responsibility. As such, education cannot just be a training but must itself be a developmental process which takes into account not only social and political realities but also (...)
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