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    The web of life: A new understanding of living systems by Fritjof Capra.Jeremy C. Ahouse - 1998 - Complexity 3 (5):50-52.
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    Bucking the system.Evelyn Fox Keller, Jeremy C. Ahouse, Michael Redhead, David Colander & Stephen H. Kellert - 2000 - Metascience 9 (1):39-72.
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    The tragedy of a priori selectionism: Dennett and Gould on adaptationism. [REVIEW]Jeremy C. Ahouse - 1998 - Biology and Philosophy 13 (3):359-391.
    In his recent book on Darwinism, Daniel Dennett has offered up a species of a priori selectionism that he calls algorithmic. He used this view to challenge a number of positions advocated by Stephen J. Gould. I examine his algorithmic conception, review his unqualified enthusiasm for the a priori selectionist position, challenge Dennett's main metaphors (cranes vs. skyhooks and a design space), examine ways in which his position has lead him to misunderstand or misrepresent Gould (spandrels, exaptation, punctuated equilibrium, contingency (...)
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