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  1. Jerome Rothstein (1964). Thermodynamics and Some Undecidable Physical Questions. Philosophy of Science 31 (1):40-48.
    It is shown that a number of questions, usually considered philosophical rather than scientific, can be reformulated to apply to a world of automata or "well-informed heat engines." In some cases they admit of physical answers, but in many cases obtaining answers entails violation of the second law of thermodynamics. This is demonstrated explicitly for the problem of determinism and free will, for the discovery of the origin or ultimate fate of the universe, or for the discovery of causes or (...)
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    Jerome Rothstein (1974). Loschmidt's and Zermelo's Paradoxes Do Not Exist. Foundations of Physics 4 (1):83-89.
    A strict operational (i.e., informational) analysis of the meaning of preparing a system to realize the paradoxes of Loschmidt or Zermelo is made. Where reversal or recurrence are operationally realizable, no contradiction with the irreversible nature of macroscopic operations occurs. Paradox results either from neglecting irreversible phenomena in the means for preparing a reversed state, or from confusing elements or ensembles, which are meaningful in microstate language but meaningless operationally, with preparable macrostates, whoserepresentation in microstate language is an ensemble whose (...)
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    Jerome Rothstein (1958). Communication, Organization, and Science. [Indian Hills, Colo.]Falcon's Wing Press.
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    Jerome Rothstein (1962). Information and Organization as the Language of the Operational Viewpoint. Philosophy of Science 29 (4):406-411.
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    Jerome Rothstein (1956). Information, Logic, and Physics. Philosophy of Science 23 (1):31-35.
  6. Jérome Rothstein (1962). A Physicist's Thoughts on the Formal Structure and Psychological Motivation of Theory and Observation. Journal of Symbolic Logic 27 (1):126-126.
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