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    Constructing the Hyperdefinable Group From the Group Configuration.Tristram de Piro, Byunghan Kim & Jessica Millar - 2006 - Journal of Mathematical Logic 6 (2):121-139.
    Under [Formula: see text]-amalgamation, we obtain the canonical hyperdefinable group from the group configuration.
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    Computable Trees of Scott Rank [Image] , and Computable Approximation.Wesley Calvert, Julia F. Knight & Jessica Millar - 2006 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 71 (1):283 - 298.
    Makkai [10] produced an arithmetical structure of Scott rank $\omega _{1}^{\mathit{CK}}$. In [9]. Makkai's example is made computable. Here we show that there are computable trees of Scott rank $\omega _{1}^{\mathit{CK}}$. We introduce a notion of "rank homogeneity". In rank homogeneous trees, orbits of tuples can be understood relatively easily. By using these trees, we avoid the need to pass to the more complicated "group trees" of [10] and [9]. Using the same kind of trees, we obtain one of rank (...)
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    Atomic Models Higher Up.Jessica Millar & Gerald E. Sacks - 2008 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 155 (3):225-241.
    There exists a countable structure of Scott rank where and where the -theory of is not ω-categorical. The Scott rank of a model is the least ordinal β where the model is prime in its -theory. Most well-known models with unbounded atoms below also realize a non-principal -type; such a model that preserves the Σ1-admissibility of will have Scott rank . Makkai [M. Makkai, An example concerning Scott heights, J. Symbolic Logic 46 301–318. [4]] produces a hyperarithmetical model of Scott (...)
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    Categoricity of Computable Infinitary Theories.W. Calvert, S. S. Goncharov, J. F. Knight & Jessica Millar - 2009 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 48 (1):25-38.
    Computable structures of Scott rank ${\omega_1^{CK}}$ are an important boundary case for structural complexity. While every countable structure is determined, up to isomorphism, by a sentence of ${\mathcal{L}_{\omega_1 \omega}}$ , this sentence may not be computable. We give examples, in several familiar classes of structures, of computable structures with Scott rank ${\omega_1^{CK}}$ whose computable infinitary theories are each ${\aleph_0}$ -categorical. General conditions are given, covering many known methods for constructing computable structures with Scott rank ${\omega_1^{CK}}$ , which guarantee that the (...)
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