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    Jessica S. Ancker & Annette Flanagin (2007). A Comparison of Conflict of Interest Policies at Peer-Reviewed Journals in Different Scientific Disciplines. Science and Engineering Ethics 13 (2):147-157.
    Scientific journals can promote ethical publication practices through policies on conflicts of interest. However, the prevalence of conflict of interest policies and the definition of conflict of interest appear to vary across scientific disciplines. This survey of high-impact, peer-reviewed journals in 12 different scientific disciplines was conducted to assess these variations. The survey identified published conflict of interest policies in 28 of 84 journals (33%). However, when representatives of 49 of the 84 journals (58%) completed a Web-based survey about journal (...)
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    Elke U. Weber & Jessica S. Ancker (2005). Towards a Taxonomy of Modes of Moral Decision-Making. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 28 (4):563-564.
    Sunstein advocates a more systematic approach to the study of moral decision-making, namely the heuristics-and-biases paradigm. We offer two concerns and suggest that a focus on decision processes can add value. Recent research on decision modes suggest that it is useful to distinguish between the qualitative differences in the ways in which moral decisions can be made when they are not made by reflective, consequentialist reasoning.
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    Joshua R. Vest, Lisa M. Kern, Erika Abramson, Jessica S. Ancker & Rainu Kaushal (2014). Effect of a State-Based Incentive Programme on the Use of Electronic Health Records. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 20 (5):657-663.
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