Jessica Walker [3]Jessica A. Walker [1]
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    Event-related potential evidence for multiple causes of the revelation effect☆.P. Andrew Leynes, Joshua Landau, Jessica Walker & Richard J. Addante - 2005 - Consciousness and Cognition 14 (2):327-350.
    Asking people to discover the identity of a recognition test probe immediately before making a recognition judgment increases the probability of an old judgment. To inform theories of this “revelation effect,” event-related potentials were recorded for revealed and intact test items across two experiments. In Experiment 1, we used a revelation effect paradigm where half of the test probes were presented as anagrams and the other items were presented intact. The pattern of ERP results from this experiment suggested that revealing (...)
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  2. Sandro Rubichi, Federico Ricci, Roberto Padovani, and Lorenzo Scaglietti. Hypnotic susceptibility, baseline attentional.René Zeelenberg, Inge Boot, Diane Pecher, P. Andrew Leynes, Joshua Landau, Jessica Walker, Richard J. Addante, Anna M. Stone, Tim Valentine & Rafaële J. C. Huntjens - 2005 - Consciousness and Cognition 14:231-232.