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    Abstract Elementary Classes and Accessible Categories.Tibor Beke & Jirí Rosický - 2012 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 163 (12):2008-2017.
    We investigate properties of accessible categories with directed colimits and their relationship with categories arising from ShelahʼsElementary Classes. We also investigate ranks of objects in accessible categories, and the effect of accessible functors on ranks.
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    Accessible Categories, Saturation and Categoricity.Jiří Rosický - 1997 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 62 (3):891-901.
    Model-theoretic concepts of saturation and categoricity are studied in the context of accessible categories. Accessible categories which are categorical in a strong sense are related to categories of $M$-sets ($M$ is a monoid). Typical examples of such categories are categories of $\lambda$-saturated objects.
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  3. REVIEWS-Category Theory.S. Awodey & Jiri Rosicky - 2007 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 13 (3).
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