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    A Superhigh Diamond in the C.E. Tt-Degrees.Douglas Cenzer, Johanna Ny Franklin, Jiang Liu & Guohua Wu - 2011 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 50 (1-2):33-44.
    The notion of superhigh computably enumerable (c.e.) degrees was first introduced by (Mohrherr in Z Math Logik Grundlag Math 32: 5–12, 1986) where she proved the existence of incomplete superhigh c.e. degrees, and high, but not superhigh, c.e. degrees. Recent research shows that the notion of superhighness is closely related to algorithmic randomness and effective measure theory. Jockusch and Mohrherr proved in (Proc Amer Math Soc 94:123–128, 1985) that the diamond lattice can be embedded into the c.e. tt-degrees preserving 0 (...)
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    Psychopathy Moderates the Relationship Between Orbitofrontal and Striatal Alterations and Violence: The Investigation of Individuals Accused of Homicide.Bess Y. H. Lam, Yaling Yang, Robert A. Schug, Chenbo Han, Jianghong Liu & Tatia M. C. Lee - 2017 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 11.
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    Infima of D.R.E. Degrees.Jiang Liu, Shenling Wang & Guohua Wu - 2010 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 49 (1):35-49.
    Lachlan observed that the infimum of two r.e. degrees considered in the r.e. degrees coincides with the one considered in the ${\Delta_2^0}$ degrees. It is not true anymore for the d.r.e. degrees. Kaddah proved in (Ann Pure Appl Log 62(3):207–263, 1993) that there are d.r.e. degrees a, b, c and a 3-r.e. degree x such that a is the infimum of b, c in the d.r.e. degrees, but not in the 3-r.e. degrees, as a < x < b, c. In (...)
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    The Fusiform Face Area Plays a Greater Role in Holistic Processing for Own-Race Faces Than Other-Race Faces.Guifei Zhou, Jiangang Liu, Naiqi G. Xiao, Si Jia Wu, Hong Li & Kang Lee - 2018 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 12.
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    Joining to High Degrees Via Noncuppables.Jiang Liu & Guohua Wu - 2010 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 49 (2):195-211.
    Cholak, Groszek and Slaman proved in J Symb Log 66:881–901, 2001 that there is a nonzero computably enumerable (c.e.) degree cupping every low c.e. degree to a low c.e. degree. In the same paper, they pointed out that every nonzero c.e. degree can cup a low2 c.e. degree to a nonlow2 degree. In Jockusch et al. (Trans Am Math Soc 356:2557–2568, 2004) improved the latter result by showing that every nonzero c.e. degree c is cuppable to a high c.e. degree (...)
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    An Other-Race Effect for Configural and Featural Processing of Faces: Upper and Lower Face Regions Play Different Roles.Zhe Wang, Paul C. Quinn, James W. Tanaka, Xiaoyang Yu, Yu-Hao P. Sun, Jiangang Liu, Olivier Pascalis, Liezhong Ge & Kang Lee - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Cohort Marriage Kinetics in the Context of Migration, with a Case Study of Japan, 1920–1940.Jianghua Liu - 2016 - Journal of Biosocial Science 48 (5):577-592.
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    An Almost-Universal Cupping Degree.Jiang Liu & Guohua Wu - 2011 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 76 (4):1137-1152.
    Say that an incomplete d.r.e. degree has almost universal cupping property, if it cups all the r.e. degrees not below it to 0′. In this paper, we construct such a degree d, with all the r.e. degrees not cupping d to 0′ bounded by some r.e. degree strictly below d. The construction itself is an interesting 0″′ argument and this new structural property can be used to study final segments of various degree structures in the Ershov hierarchy.
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    Almost Universal Cupping and Diamond Embeddings.Jiang Liu & Guohua Wu - 2012 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 163 (6):717-729.