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    Language and Thought: Interdisciplinary Themes.Peter Carruthers & Jill Boucher (eds.) - 1998 - New York: Cambridge University Press.
    What is the place of language in human cognition? Do we sometimes think in natural language? Or is language for purposes of interpersonal communication only? Although these questions have been much debated in the past, they have almost dropped from sight in recent decades amongst those interested in the cognitive sciences. Language and Thought is intended to persuade such people to think again. It brings together essays by a distinguished interdisciplinary team of philosophers and psychologists, who discuss various ways in (...)
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    Pretend play.Chris Jarrold, Peter Carruthers, Jill Boucher & Peter K. Smith - 1994 - Mind and Language 9 (4):445-468.
    Children’s ability to pretend, and the apparent lack of pretence in children with autism, have become important issues in current research on ‘theory of mind’, on the assumption that pretend play may be an early indicator of metarepresentational abilities.
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    14 What could possibly explain autism?Jill Boucher - 1996 - In Peter Carruthers & Peter K. Smith (eds.), Theories of Theories of Mind. New York: Cambridge University Press. pp. 223.
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    Time and the implicit-explicit continuum.Jill Boucher - 1999 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22 (5):758-759.
    Dienes & Perner's target article contains numerous but unsystematic references to the implicit or explicit knowledge of the temporal context of a known state of affairs such as may constitute the content of a propositional attitude. In this commentary, the forms of cognition that, according to D&P, require only implicit knowledge of time are contrasted with those for which explicit temporal knowledge is needed. It is suggested that the explicit representation of time may have been important in human evolution and (...)
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    The pre-requisites for language acquisition: evidence from cases of anomalous language development.Jill Boucher - 1998 - In Peter Carruthers & Jill Boucher (eds.), Language and Thought: Interdisciplinary Themes. New York: Cambridge University Press. pp. 55.
  6. [Book Chapter].Peter Carruthers & Jill Boucher (eds.) - 1998 - Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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    Review of Peter Carruthers and Jill Boucher: Language and Thought: Interdisciplinary Themes[REVIEW]Peter Carruthers, Jill Boucher & Jane Heal - 1999 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 50 (2):305-308.