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  1. Psychobiology of Altered States of Consciousness.Dieter Vaitl, Niels Birbaumer, John Gruzelier, Graham A. Jamieson, Boris Kotchoubey, Andrea Kübler, Dietrich Lehmann, Wolfgang H. R. Miltner, Ulrich Ott, Peter Pütz, Gebhard Sammer, Inge Strauch, Ute Strehl, Jiri Wackermann & Thomas Weiss - 2005 - Psychological Bulletin 131 (1):98-127.
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    Psychophysics as a Science of Primary Experience.Jiří Wackermann - 2010 - Philosophical Psychology 23 (2):189 – 206.
    In Fechner's psychophysics, the 'mental' and the 'physical' were conceived as two phenomenal domains, connected by functional relations, not as two ontologically different realms. We follow the path from Fechner's foundational ideas and Mach's radical programme of a unitary science to later approaches to primary, psychophysically neutral experience (phenomenology, protophysics). We propose an 'integral psychophysics' as a mathematical study of law-like, invariant structures of primary experience. This approach is illustrated by a reinterpretation of psychophysical experiments in terms of perceptual situations (...)
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    Flicker-Light Induced Visual Phenomena: Frequency Dependence and Specificity of Whole Percepts and Percept Features.Carsten Allefeld, Peter Pütz, Kristina Kastner & Jiří Wackermann - 2011 - Consciousness and Cognition 20 (4):1344-1362.
    Flickering light induces visual hallucinations in human observers. Despite a long history of the phenomenon, little is known about the dependence of flicker-induced subjective impressions on the flicker frequency. We investigate this question using Ganzfeld stimulation and an experimental paradigm combining a continuous frequency scan with a focus on re-occurring, whole percepts. On the single-subject level, we find a high degree of frequency stability of percepts. To generalize across subjects, we apply two rating systems, a set of complex percept classes (...)
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    Experience at the Threshold of Wakefulness.Jiří Wackermann - 2010 - Consciousness and Cognition 19 (4):1093-1094.
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    Introduction.Jiří Wackermann - 2010 - Philosophical Psychology 23 (2):137 – 139.