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    Organizing Moral Case Deliberation Experiences in Two Dutch Nursing Homes.S. van der Dam, T. A. Abma, A. C. Molewijk, M. J. M. Kardol, Jmga Schols & G. A. M. Widdershoven - 2011 - Nursing Ethics 18 (3):327-340.
    Moral case deliberation (MCD) is a specific form of clinical ethics, aiming to stimulate ethical reflection in daily practice in order to improve the quality of care. This article focuses on the implementation of MCD in nursing homes and the questions how and where to organize MCD. The purpose of this study was to evaluate one way of organizing MCD in two Dutch nursing homes. In both of these nursing homes the MCD groups had a heterogeneous composition and were organized (...)
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  2. Responsibilities in Elderly Care: Mr Powell's Narrative of Duty and Relations.Tineke Abma, Anne Bruijn, Tinie Kardol, Jos Schols & Guy Widdershoven - 2012 - Bioethics 26 (1):22-31.
    In Western countries a considerable number of older people move to a residential home when their health declines. Institutionalization often results in increased dependence, inactivity and loss of identity or self-worth (dignity). This raises the moral question as to how older, institutionalized people can remain autonomous as far as continuing to live in line with their own values is concerned. Following Walker's meta-ethical framework on the assignment of responsibilities, we suggest that instead of directing all older people towards more autonomy (...)
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    Evaluation of the Dissemination and Implementation of Pressure Ulcer Guidelines in Dutch Nursing Homes.Esther Meesterberends, Ruud J. G. Halfens, Christa Lohrmann, Jos M. G. A. Schols & Rianne de Wit - 2011 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 17 (4):705-712.
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    Spectrin Mutations in Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA).Peter Bauer, Ludger Schöls & Olaf Riess - 2006 - Bioessays 28 (8):785-787.
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    Demand-Based Provision of Housing, Welfare and Care Services to Elderly Clients: From Policy to Daily Practice Through Operations Management. [REVIEW]Carolien de Blok, Bert Meijboom, Katrien Luijkx & Jos Schols - 2009 - Health Care Analysis 17 (1):68-84.
    Practical implementation of notions such as patient-orientation, client-centredness, and demand-driven care is far from straightforward in care and service supply to elderly clients living independently. This paper aims to provide preliminary insights into how it is possible to bridge the gap between policy intent, which reflects an increasing client orientation, and actual practice of care and service provision. Differences in personal objectives and characteristics generate different sets of needs among elderly clients that must have an appropriate response in the daily (...)
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