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    Joel Buenting (2006). Re-Thinking the Duplication of Speaker/Hearer Belief in the Epistemology of Testimony. Episteme 2 (2):129-134.
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  2. Joel Buenting & Jason Taylor (forthcoming). Fortuitous Data and Conspiracy Theories. Journal of the Philosophy of Social Sciences.
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    Joel Buenting (2010). An Epistemic Reduction of Contrastive Knowledge Claims. Social Epistemology 24 (2):99-104.
    Contrastive epistemologists say knowledge displays the ternary relation “S knows p rather than q”. I argue that “S knows p rather than q” is often equivalent to “S knows p rather than not-p” and hence equivalent to “S knows p”. The result is that contrastive knowledge is often binary knowledge disguised.
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