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  1. Species concepts and speciation analysis.Joel Cracraft - 1983 - In R. F. Johnston (ed.), Current Ornithology. Plenum Press. pp. 159-87.
  2. Species concepts and the ontology of evolution.Joel Cracraft - 1987 - Biology and Philosophy 2 (3):329-346.
    Biologists and philosophers have long recognized the importance of species, yet species concepts serve two masters, evolutionary theory on the one hand and taxonomy on the other. Much of present-day evolutionary and systematic biology has confounded these two roles primarily through use of the biological species concept. Theories require entities that are real, discrete, irreducible, and comparable. Within the neo-Darwinian synthesis, however, biological species have been treated as real or subjectively delimited entities, discrete or nondiscrete, and they are often capable (...)
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  3. Species Concepts in Theoretical and Applied Biology: A Systematic Debate with Consequences.Joel Cracraft - 2000 - In Quentin D. Wheeler & Rudolf Meier (eds.), Species Concepts and Phylogenetic Theory. Columbia. pp. 3-14.
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  4. The species of the birds-of-paradise (Paradisaeidae): applying the phylogenetic species concept to a complex pattern of diversification.Joel Cracraft - 1992 - Cladistics 8:1-43.
    The phylogenetic species concept is applied for the first time to a major radiation of birds, the birds-of-paradise (Paradisaeidae) of Australasia. Using the biological species concept, previous workers have postulated approximately 40–42 species in the family. Of these, approximately 13 are monotypic and 27 are polytypic with about 100 subspecies. Phylogenetic species are irreducible (basal) clusters of organisms (terminal taxa) that are diagnosably distinct from other such clusters. Within the context of this concept, approximately 90 species of paradisaeids are postulated (...)
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    The Scientific Response to Creationism.Joel Cracraft - 1982 - Science, Technology and Human Values 7 (3):79-85.
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