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  1. Bas C. Van Fraassen & Joel M. Smith (1993). Laws and Symmetry. Philosophy of Science 60 (4):659.
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    Joel M. Smith (1993). Book Review:Laws and Symmetry Bas C. Van Fraassen. [REVIEW] Philosophy of Science 60 (4):661-.
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    Joel M. Smith (1988). Inconsistency and Scientific Reasoning. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 19 (4):429-445.
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    Joel M. Smith (1988). Scientific Reasoning or Damage Control: Alternative Proposals for Reasoning with Inconsistent Representations of the World. PSA: Proceedings of the Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association 1988:241 - 248.
    Inconsistent representations of the world have in fact played and should play a role in scientific inquiry. However, it would seem that logical analysis of such representations is blocked by the explosive nature of deductive inference from inconsistent premisses. "Paraconsistent logics" have been suggested as the proper way to remove this impediment and to make explication of the logic of inconsistent scientific theories possible. I argue that installing paraconsistent logic as the underlying logic for scientific inquiry is neither a necessary (...)
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  5. Joel M. Smith (1989). John Losee, Philosophy of Science and Historical Enquiry Reviewed By. Philosophy in Review 9 (2):58-60.
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