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  1. Craig B. Matarrese.Chandana Chakrabarti & Joel Wilcox - forthcoming - Philosophy.
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    Barbarian Psyche in Heraclitus.Joel Wilcox - 1991 - The Monist 74 (4):624-637.
    Heraclitus DK107 reads as follows: κακοὶ μάρτυρεσ ἀνθρώποισιν ὀφθαλμοι και ὦτα βαρβάρουσ ψυχὰσ ἐχόντων. It is readily translated: “Eyes and ears are bad witnesses for those with barbarian psychai.”However, this fragment is not readily interpreted. The problem is that we do not know what the phrase “barbarian psychai” means; and as long as this phrase remains uninterpreted, the import of DK107 is unclear. I shall argue that no previous interpretation of the phrase “barbarian psychai” is satisfactory; and I shall offer (...)
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    Die Philosophie der Vorsokratiker: Der Anfang der Abendländischen Metaphysik. [REVIEW]Joel Wilcox - 1994 - Ancient Philosophy 14 (2):371-374.
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    On the Distinction Between Thought and Perception in Heraclitus.Joel Wilcox - 1993 - Apeiron 26 (1):1 - 18.
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    Sunyata and Non-Human Rights.Joel Wilcox - 2008 - Journal of Indian Philosophy and Religion 13:53-72.
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  6. The Origins of Epistemology in Early Greek Thought a Study of Psyche and Logos in Heraclitus.Joel Wilcox - 1994