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    Economic Policy and the Financial Crisis: An Empirical Analysis of What Went Wrong.John B. Taylor - 2009 - Critical Review: A Journal of Politics and Society 21 (2-3):341-364.
    ABSTRACT The financial crisis was in large part caused, prolonged, and worsened by a series of government actions and interventions. The housing boom and bust that precipitated the crisis were enabled by extraordinarily loose monetary policy. After the housing boom came to an end, the Federal Reserve misdiagnosed financial markets' uncertainty about the location and value of risky subprime mortgage?backed securities as being, instead, a liquidity problem, and it took inappropriate compensatory actions that had side effects that included raising the (...)
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    Some Aspects of Islamic Eschatology1: JOHN B. TAYLOR.John B. Taylor - 1968 - Religious Studies 4 (1):57-76.
    To a student audience seduced by the claims of a ‘secular Christianity’, Professor Gordon Rupp once urged the combined loyalties of ‘worldmanship’ and ‘other-worldmanship’. The Muslim world shows little friendship to secularist ideologies which explicitly reject the eschatological dimension, but Muslims are increasingly involved in secularising processes; many of these are ‘Islamised’, if they are compatible with Islamic social or political ideals, and the stigma of bid‘ah , innovation, is thereby avoided. A Lebanese author, Muhammad Darwazah, in his Dustūr al-Qur’ (...)
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    Some Aspects of Islamic Eschatology.John B. Taylor - 1968 - Religious Studies 4 (1):57 - 76.