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John F. Whitmire [3]John F. Whitmire Jr [1]
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    John F. Whitmire Jr (2006). Questioning the Self. Philosophy Today 50 (4):418-427.
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    Farhang Erfani & John F. Whitmire (2008). Ricoeur and the Pre-Political. Continental Philosophy Review 41 (4):501-521.
    We argue that Paul Ricoeur’s work on narrative and alienation provides a largely untapped, though potentially fruitful way of re-thinking the question of political agency within the context of globalization. We argue that the political agency of many around the world has been placed in an exceedingly fragile position due to the rapid pace of globalization, the movement of multi-national corporations from their previous national headquarters, etc. We use Ricoeur’s work to argue that the alienation of globalization is not something (...)
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    John F. Whitmire (2009). The Many and the One: The Ontological Multiplicity and Functional Unity of the Person in the Later Nietzsche. The Pluralist 4 (1):1 - 17.
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    John F. Whitmire (2006). The Double Writing of Les Mots: Sartre's Words as Performative Philosophy. Sartre Studies International 12 (2):61-82.
    Sartre's Les Mots has given rise to widely divergent competing readings in the philosophical literature, which tend to view it either as a simple continuation of his earlier, radical libertarianism, or as part of an alleged wholesale renunciation of the position we find in his early texts. I argue that most of these readings ignore the very real tensions in Words between the freedom of consciousness and the weight of circumstances. I further argue that Les Mots is a performative text (...)
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