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    Albert Camus: From the Absurd to Revolt.John Foley - 2008 - Routledge.
    Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, encompassing philosophy, literature, politics and history, John Foley examines the full breadth of Camus' ideas to provide a comprehensive and rigorous study of his political and philosophical thought and a significant contribution to a range of debates current in Camus research. Foley argues that the coherence of Camus' thought can best be understood through a thorough understanding of the concepts of 'the absurd' and 'revolt' as well as the relation between them. This book includes a detailed (...)
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    Binocular Distance Perception.John M. Foley - 1980 - Psychological Review 87 (5):411-434.
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    Nature and Culture in the Iliad: The Tragedy of Hector. [REVIEW]John Miles Foley & J. M. Redfield - 1977 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 97:171-171.
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    The Price of Narrative Fiction: Genre, Myth, and Meaning in Moby-Dick and The Odyssey.John Miles Foley - 1984 - Thought: Fordham University Quarterly 59 (4):432-448.
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  5. Human History: A Race Between Education and Catastrophe.John J. Foley - 1963 - Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press.
  6. Camus and Rousseau: Freedom, Justice and ‘the Despotism of the General Will’.John Foley - 2022 - History of European Ideas 48 (5):614-633.
    ABSTRACT Despite being generally recognised as Camus’ most important philosophical essay, L’Homme révolté is rather neglected in the scholarship and enjoys a limited readership, especially among Anglophone critics and readers – a fact brightly reflected in the questionable quality of the only English translation, by Anthony Bower, and in the decision of Hamish Hamilton and Penguin, Camus’ publishers in the UK, to cut about thirty pages of text from their edition, ‘in the interests of economy.’. This essay examines one brief (...)
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    Oral Tradition Into Textuality.John Miles Foley - 1997 - In Philip G. Cohen (ed.), Texts and Textuality: Textual Instability, Theory, and Interpretation. Garland. pp. 1.
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    On Psychophysical Linking Hypotheses, the Direction of Pattern Induction, and the Representation of Distance and Size.John M. Foley - 1983 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 6 (4):663.
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    A Proposed Reorientation in the Heredity-Environment Controversy.Anne Anastasi & John P. Foley - 1948 - Psychological Review 55 (5):239-249.