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    Foundations of Space-Time Theories: Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science.John Earman, Clark N. Glymour & John J. Stachel (eds.) - 1974 - University of Minnesota Press.
    Some Philosophical Prehistory of General Relativity As history, my remarks will form rather a medley. If they can claim any sort of unity (apart from a ...
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    Einstein's Miraculous Year: Five Papers That Changed the Face of Physics.John J. Stachel (ed.) - 2005 - Princeton University Press.
    After 1905, Einstein's miraculous year, physics would never be the same again. In those twelve months, Einstein shattered many cherished scientific beliefs with five extraordinary papers that would establish him as the world's leading physicist. This book brings those papers together in an accessible format. The best-known papers are the two that founded special relativity: On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies and Does the Inertia of a Body Depend on Its Energy Content? In the former, Einstein showed that absolute time (...)
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    Potentiality, Entanglement, and Passion-at-a-Distance: Quantum Mechanical Studies for Abner Shimony.Robert Sonné Cohen, Michael Horne & John J. Stachel (eds.) - 1997 - Kluwer Academic Publishers.
    Potentiality, Entanglement and Passion-at-a-Distance is a book for theoretical physicists and philosophers of modern physics. It treats a puzzling and provocative aspect of recent quantum physics: the apparent interaction of certain physical events that cannot share any causal connection. These are said to be `entangled' in some way, but an explanation remains elusive. Abner Shimony - to whom the book is dedicated - and others suggest the need to revive the category of what may be seen as a metaphysical potentiality. (...)
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    Experimental Metaphysics.Robert Sonné Cohen, Michael Horne & John J. Stachel - 1997
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  5. For Dirk Struik Scientific, Historical and Political Essays in Honor of Dirk J. Struik.Robert Sonné Cohen, Marx W. Wartofsky, John J. Stachel & Dirk Jan Struik - 1974 - D. Reidel Pub. Co.
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    Book Review: Quantum Reprogramming. Ensembles and Single Systems: A Two-Tier Approach to Quantum Mechanics. By Evert Jan Post. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht/Boston/London, 1995, Xiv + 320 Pp., $137.00 (Hardcover). ISBN 0-7923-3565-1. [REVIEW]John J. Stachel - 2001 - Foundations of Physics 31 (5):859-861.
  7. Revisiting the Foundations of Relativistic Physics Festschrift in Honor of John Stachel.John J. Stachel & Abhay Ashtekar - 2003
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