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    Philosophy of Chemistry in University Chemical Education: The Case of Models and Modelling. [REVIEW]Rosária S. Justi & John K. Gilbert - 2002 - Foundations of Chemistry 4 (3):213-240.
    If chemistry is to be taught successfully, teachers must have a good subject matter knowledge (SK) of the ideas with which they are dealing, the nature of this falling within the orbit of philosophy of chemistry. They must also have a good pedagogic content knowledge (PCK), the ability to communicate SK to students, the nature of this falling within the philosophy and psychology of chemical education. Taking the case of models and modelling, important themes in the philosophy of chemistry, an (...)
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    History and Philosophy of Science Through Models: The Case of Chemical Kinetics.Rosária Justi & John K. Gilbert - 1999 - Science and Education 8 (3):287-307.
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    Educational Value of Different Types of Exhibits in an Interactive Science and Technology Center.Ana S. Afonso & John K. Gilbert - 2007 - Science Education 91 (6):967-987.
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    On the Explanation of Change in Science and Cognition.John K. Gilbert - 1999 - Science and Education 8 (5):543-557.