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    The Cognitive Neuroscience of Insight.John Kounios - 2018 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 12.
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    Insight Solutions Are Correct More Often Than Analytic Solutions.Carola Salvi, Emanuela Bricolo, John Kounios, Edward Bowden & Mark Beeman - 2016 - Thinking and Reasoning 22 (4):443-460.
    ABSTRACTHow accurate are insights compared to analytical solutions? In four experiments, we investigated how participants' solving strategies influenced their solution accuracies across different types of problems, including one that was linguistic, one that was visual and two that were mixed visual-linguistic. In each experiment, participants' self-judged insight solutions were, on average, more accurate than their analytic ones. We hypothesised that insight solutions have superior accuracy because they emerge into consciousness in an all-or-nothing fashion when the unconscious solving process is complete, (...)
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  3.  12
    Structure and Process in Semantic Memory: New Evidence Based on Speed'“Accuracy Decomposition.John Kounios, Allen M. Osman & David E. Meyer - 1987 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 116 (1):3-25.
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    Effects of Acute Stress on Divergent and Convergent Problem-Solving.Haijun Duan, Xuewei Wang, Weiping Hu & John Kounios - 2019 - Thinking and Reasoning 26 (1):68-86.
    This study examined the effects of acute stress on creative problem-solving. Thirty-five male participants underwent stress induction via the Trier Social Stress Test; another 35 male participants...
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