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John Ozolins
University of Notre Dame Australia
  1. Філософія І Культура: Роздуми Про Глобальні Кризи.John Ozolins - 2013 - Схід 5 (125).
    The world is beset by what seem to be an interminable set of problems. Many of these, increasingly, are transnational, which is to say, that they transcend the borders of individual nations. Issues such as climate change and apparent global warming are fiercely debated, with many arguing that without a change in the way in which human beings abuse the environment, we are all doomed. The crisis surrounding the destruction of the nuclear reactor in Fukuyama, Japan as a result of (...)
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    Suffering: Valuable or Just Useless Pain?John Ozolins - 2003 - Sophia 42 (2):53-77.
    It is a commonly held view, buttressed by utilitarian considerations, that pain and suffering are valueless and not to be borne. Moreover, it is this thought, that they are valueless, which is often deployed in arguing for euthanasia for the terminally ill or those with mental or physical disability. This essay argues that suffering is inextricably part of the human condition and that it is our response to it that determines whether we are ennobled or degraded by it. While it (...)
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    Teachers and Learners.John Ozolins - 2006 - The Proceedings of the Twenty-First World Congress of Philosophy 4:111-115.
    This paper revives the idea that what is central to education is not facilitating the acquisition of information or skills to use in the marketplace, but the encounter between teacher and learner which enables the student to acquire a richer and deeper appreciation of the human world which he or she inhabits. Knowledge is a human artefact which is created in the initiation of a learner into a common form of life, and this is not something which can be carried (...)
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    Theories of Rights - Edited by ten, C. L.John Ozolins - 2007 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 39 (3):326–330.