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    Wittgenstein and political philosophy: a reexamination of the foundations of social science.John W. Danford - 1978 - Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
  2. David Hume and the Problem of Reason.John W. Danford - 1990 - Yale University Press.
  3. Recovering Reason: Essays in Honor of Thomas L. Pangle.Peter J. Ahrensdorf, Arlene Saxonhouse, Steven Forde, Paul A. Rahe, Michael Zuckert, Devin Stauffer, David Leibowitz, Robert Goldberg, Christopher Bruell, Linda R. Rabieh, Richard S. Ruderman, Christopher Baldwin, J. Judd Owen, Waller R. Newell, Nathan Tarcov, Ross J. Corbett, Clifford Orwin, John W. Danford, Heinrich Meier, Fred Baumann, Robert C. Bartlett, Ralph Lerner, Bryan-Paul Frost, Laurie Fendrich, Donald Kagan, H. Donald Forbes & Norman Doidge (eds.) - 2010 - Lexington Books.
    Recovering Reason: Essays in Honor of Thomas L. Pangle is a collection of essays composed by students and friends of Thomas L. Pangle to honor his seminal work and outstanding guidance in the study of political philosophy. These essays examine both Socrates' and modern political philosophers' attempts to answer the question of the right life for human beings, as those attempts are introduced and elaborated in the work of thinkers from Homer and Thucydides to Nietzsche and Charles Taylor.
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  4. Getting our bearings : Machiavelli and Hume.John W. Danford - 2006 - In Paul Anthony Rahe (ed.), Machiavelli's liberal republican legacy. New York: Cambridge University Press.
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    Philosophy and science in the Scottish Enlightenment.John W. Danford - 1995 - History of European Ideas 21 (1):91-92.
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    Roots of Freedom: A Primer on Modern Liberty.John W. Danford - 2000 - Intercollegiate Studies Institute.
    Roots of Freedom is a primer on the thinkers and ideas that have shaped the foundations of free societies. John Danford traces the development of indispensable concepts such as the rule of law, independent judiciary, limited government, free markets, and individual autonomy in the writings of (among others) Luther, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, Hume, Adam Smith, the American founders, Alexis de Tocqueville, and John Stuart Mill.
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    Hume's Place in Moral Philosophy. [REVIEW]John W. Danford - 1990 - Review of Metaphysics 44 (2):409-411.
    The name Nicholas Capaldi is well known to students of David Hume, since Capaldi has been a key figure in the Hume renaissance of the last quarter century. Over a span of two decades he has written numerous articles on Hume, edited anthologies, and authored two Hume books, of which this is the second. The quality of this work will therefore surprise no one; Hume's Place in Moral Philosophy is a first rate piece of scholarship. Capaldi concentrates here on the (...)
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