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John-Michael Kuczynski
University of California at Santa Barbara (PhD)
  1. A Quasi-Materialist, Quasi-Dualist Solution to the Mind-Body Problem.John-Michael M. Kuczynski - 2004 - Kriterion: Journal of Philosophy 45 (109):81-135.
  2. Another Argument Against the Thesis That There is a Language of Thought.John-Michael M. Kuczynski - 2004 - Communication and Cognition: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly Journal 37 (2):83-103.
    One cannot have the concept of a red object without having the concept of an extended object. But the word "red" doesn't contain the word "extended." In general, our concepts are interconnected in ways in which the corresponding words are not interconnected. This is not an accidental fact about the English language or about any other language: it is inherent in what a language is that the cognitive abilities corresponding to a person's abilities to use words cannot possibly be reflected (...)
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  3. Elements of Virtualism: A Study in the Philosophy of Perception.John-Michael M. Kuczynski - 2002 - Dartford: Traude Junghans Cuxhaven Verlag.
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  4. Materialism, Causation, and the Mind-Body Problem.John-Michael M. Kuczynski - 2001 - Prima Philosophia 14 (1):69-90.