1.  81
    Intuition Pumps.Jon Dorbolo - 2006 - Minds and Machines 16 (1):81-86.
    The award of the 2003 Barwise Prize to Daniel Dennett by the American Philosophical Association signifies Dennett’s importance in the developing area of philosophical inquiry into computing and information. One source of Dennett’s intellectual stature is his command of scientific and engineering ideas, which he effectively applies to philosophical debates over machine intelligence, consciousness, and intentionality. Dennett regards the computer as both a model and a tool that will transform the ways that philosophy is pursued in the 21st century. In (...)
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  2.  44
    Alan Januszewski,Educational Technology: The Development of a Concept. [REVIEW]Jon Dorbolo - 2003 - Ethics and Information Technology 5 (1):68-70.
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  3.  56
    Daniel Dennett and the Computational Turn.Jon Dorbolo - 2006 - Minds and Machines 16 (1):1-1.
  4.  20
    Introduction.Jon Dorbolo - 2006 - Minds and Machines 16 (1):3-5.
  5. Personal Amnesia.Jon Dorbolo - 1987 - Dissertation, University of Oregon
    Across the lines of opposing Ethical theories extends a common conception of the moral point of view appropriately characterized as impartiality. Support for this characterization develops through discussion of Hobbes, Hume, Kant, and John Rawls. Modern moral philosophy is fixated on a range of problems ascribed to individual partiality. Ethical theories operate primarily in the realm of moral crisis, disregarding the details of people's lives and values. Ethical impartiality requries us to forget our selves and personal histories. This I oppose (...)
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  6. Philosophy Teaching on the World Wide Web.Jon Dorbolo - 1998 - In T. W. Bynum & J. Moor (eds.), The Digital Phoenix. Cambridge: Blackwell.
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  7.  29
    Working with Wittgenstein's Builders.Douglas Birsch & Jon Dorbolo - 1990 - Philosophical Investigations 13 (4):338-349.
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  8.  12
    What Turns on Hinges?Jon Dorbolo - 1988 - Philosophical Investigations 11 (2):156-161.