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    A Central Circuit of the Mind.John R. Anderson, Jon M. Fincham, Yulin Qin & Andrea Stocco - 2008 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 12 (4):136-143.
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    Discovering the Sequential Structure of Thought.John R. Anderson & Jon M. Fincham - 2014 - Cognitive Science 38 (2):322-352.
    Multi-voxel pattern recognition techniques combined with Hidden Markov models can be used to discover the mental states that people go through in performing a task. The combined method identifies both the mental states and how their durations vary with experimental conditions. We apply this method to a task where participants solve novel mathematical problems. We identify four states in the solution of these problems: Encoding, Planning, Solving, and Respond. The method allows us to interpret what participants are doing on individual (...)
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    Using fMRI to Test Models of Complex Cognition.John R. Anderson, Cameron S. Carter, Jon M. Fincham, Yulin Qin, Susan M. Ravizza & Miriam Rosenberg-Lee - 2008 - Cognitive Science 32 (8):1323-1348.