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Jonathan Anomaly
University of San Diego
  1. Intensive Animal Agriculture and Human Health.Jonathan Anomaly - 2019 - In Bob Fischer (ed.), Routledge Handbook of Animal Ethics. New York: Routledge.
  2.  93
    Compensation for Cures: Why We Should Pay a Premium for Participation in ‘Challenge Studies’.Jonathan Anomaly & Julian Savulescu - forthcoming - Bioethics.
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  3. An Argument Against External Reasons.Jonathan Anomaly - 2007 - Sorites 18:56-59.
    In this article I first clarify and then defend Bernard Williams' claim that all practical reasons are internal. I argue that since external reasons are incompatible with a plausible version of the ought-implies-can principle, they are all false. Although some defend internalism by asserting that external reasons fail to explain rational action, a better defense appeals to the fact that only internal reasons are consistent with the ought-implies-can principle.
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