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Jonathan Beale
University of Reading (PhD)
  1. Wittgenstein's Anti-Scientistic Worldview.Jonathan Beale - 2017 - In Jonathan Beale & Ian James Kidd (eds.), Wittgenstein and Scientism. London: Routledge. pp. 59-80.
    This chapter outlines ways in which Wittgenstein’s opposition to scientism is manifest in his later conception of philosophy and the negative attitude he held toward his times. The chapter tries to make clear how these two areas of Wittgenstein’s thought are connected and reflect an anti-scientistic worldview he held, one intimated in Philosophical Investigations §122. -/- It is argued that the later Wittgenstein’s metaphilosophy is marked out against two scientistic claims in particular. First, the view that the scientific method is (...)
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    Where Science Ends and Scientism Begins. [REVIEW]Jonathan Beale - 2019 - Metascience 2019 (2):327-330.
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    Scientism and Scientific Imperialism.Jonathan Beale - 2019 - International Journal of Philosophical Studies 27 (1):73-102.
    Volume 27, Issue 1, February 2019, Page 73-102.
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    A Confusion of Categories: Wittgenstein's Kierkegaardian Argument Against Heidegger.Jonathan Beale - 2010 - Philosophical Writings (Special Issue):15-26.
    A mysterious remark to Friedrich Waismann on 30 December 1929 marks the only occasion where Wittgenstein refers to both Heidegger and Kierkegaard. Yet although this has generated much controversy, little attention has been paid to the charge of nonsense that Wittgenstein here appears to bring against Heidegger; thus, the supporting argument that may be latent has not been unearthed. Through analysis of this remark, Wittgenstein's arguments in the Tractatus and 'A Lecture on Ethics', and Heidegger's account of anxiety (Angst) in (...)
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    The Possibility of Authenticity: On Schönbaumsfeld's Wittgenstein.Jonathan Beale - 2011 - Ratio 24 (1):107-115.
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    Wittgenstein and Scientism.Jonathan Beale & Ian James Kidd (eds.) - 2014 - London: Routledge.
    Wittgenstein criticised prevailing attitudes toward the sciences. The target of his criticisms was ‘scientism’: what he described as ‘the overestimation of science’. This collection is the first study of Wittgenstein’s anti-scientism - a theme in his work that is clearly central to his thought yet strikingly neglected by the existing literature. The book explores the philosophical basis of Wittgenstein’s anti-scientism; how this anti-scientism helps us understand Wittgenstein’s philosophical aims; and how this underlies his later conception of philosophy and the kind (...)
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    Review of Kevin M. Cahill and Thomas Raleigh (Eds.), Wittgenstein and Naturalism (Routledge, 2018). [REVIEW]Jonathan Beale - 2018 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2018.
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