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Jonathan Milgrim
University of Washington
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    Conflicts of Interest, Emoluments, and the Presidency in Advance.Fritz Allhoff & Jonathan Milgrim - forthcoming - International Journal of Applied Philosophy.
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    Conflicts of Interest, Emoluments, and the Presidency.Fritz Allhoff & Jonathan Milgrim - 2017 - International Journal of Applied Philosophy 31 (1):45-67.
    The past presidential election reinvigorated interest in the applicability of conflict of interest legislation to the executive branch. In § 2, we survey various approaches to conflicts of interest, paying particular attention to 18 U.S.C. § 208. Under 18 U.S.C. § 202, this conflict of interest statute is straightforwardly inapplicable to the President. We then explore the normative foundations of such an exemption in § 3. While these sections are ultimately lenient, we go on to consider the Emoluments Clause of (...)
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  3. Professions in Ethical Focus – Second Edition.Fritz Allhoff, Jonathan Milgrim & Anand Vaidya (eds.) - 2021 - Broadview Press.
    This second edition of _Professions in Ethical Focus_ comprises over seventy-five readings complemented by twenty case studies with corresponding discussion questions. These resources are organized into several thematic units, including “conflicts of interest,” “honesty, deception, and trust,” “privacy and confidentiality,” and “professionalism, diversity, and pluralism.” An alternative table of contents is also provided, identifying readings that bear on particular professions such as engineering, journalism, medicine, law, and policing. The book’s introductory unit offers short selections from classic and contemporary ethical theory, (...)
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