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  1. The Inclosure Scheme and the Solution to the Paradoxes of Self-Reference.Jordi Valor Abad - 2008 - Synthese 160 (2):183 - 202.
    All paradoxes of self-reference seem to share some structural features. Russell in 1908 and especially Priest nowadays have advanced structural descriptions that successfully identify necessary conditions for having a paradox of this kind. I examine in this paper Priest’s description of these paradoxes, the Inclosure Scheme (IS), and consider in what sense it may help us understand and solve the problems they pose. However, I also consider the limitations of this kind of structural descriptions and give arguments against Priest’s use (...)
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    Empiricism and Experience : Two Problems.Jordi Valor Abad - 2009 - International Journal of Philosophical Studies 17 (2):323 – 328.
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    A Failed "Cassatio": Goldstein on the Liar.Jordi Valor Abad & José Martínez Fernández - 2009 - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 109 (1pt3):327 - 332.
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    Singular Terms in Fiction. Fictional and “Real” Names.Jordi Valor Abad - 2019 - Disputatio 11 (54):111-142.
    In this introduction, I consider different problems posed by the use of singular terms in fiction, paying especial attention to proper names and, in particular, to names of real people, places, etc. As we will see, descriptivist and Millian theories of reference face different kinds of problems in explaining the use of fictional names in fiction-related contexts. Moreover, the task of advancing a uniform account of names in these contexts—an account which deals not only with fictional names but also with (...)
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    Saving Truth From Paradox. [REVIEW]Jordi Valor Abad - 2010 - Disputatio 4 (29):94-101.
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    Eliminating Self-Reference From Grelling’s and Zwicker’s Paradoxes.José Martínez Fernández & Jordi Valor Abad - 2014 - Theoria: Revista de Teoría, Historia y Fundamentos de la Ciencia 29 (1):85-97.
    The goal of this paper is to present Yabloesque versions of Grelling’s and Zwicker’s paradoxes concerning the notions of “heterological” and “hypergame” respectively. We will offer counterparts of these paradoxes that do not seem to involve self-reference or vicious circularity.El objetivo de este artículo es ofrecer versiones de las paradojas de Grelling y de Zwicker inspiradas en la paradoja de Yablo. Nuestras versiones de estas paradojas no parecen involucrar ni autorreferencia ni circularidad viciosa.
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