1. Medical Ethics and Medical Law: A Symbiotic Relationship.José Miola - 2007 - Hart.
    Introduction -- Historical perspectives of medical ethics -- The medical ethics Renaissance: a brief assessment -- Risk disclosure/'informed consent' -- Consent, control and minors: Gillick and beyond -- Sterilisation/best interests: legislation intervenes -- The end of life: total abrogation -- Medical ethics in government-commissioned reports -- Conclusion.
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    Mix-Ups, Mistake and Moral Judgement: Recent Developments in U.K. Law on Assisted Conception. [REVIEW]José Miola - 2004 - Feminist Legal Studies 12 (1):67-77.
    Hard cases make bad law. In a matter of months, two such cases involving assisted reproduction have appeared before the U.K. High Court and legislation has been enacted. The common threads between them are consent and fatherhood. The first case concerns a ‘mistake’ resulting in sperm from the wrong man being used to create an embryo for a couple and the second the revocation of consent by a man to his former partner being allowed to use an embryo they created (...)
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  3. The Best Interests Principle and Providing Treatment for Adults Without Capacity in England and Wales.Sara Fovargue & José Miola - 2010 - Clinical Ethics 5 (4):180-183.
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    The Need for Informed Consent: Lessons From the Ancient Greeks.José Miola - 2006 - Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 15 (2):152-160.
    Some time ago, Ian Kennedy asked whether consent wasthe great bulwark of “patient's rights”? Is it a necessary nuisance granted as a concession to modish thinking? Is it simply a figment of some lawyer's imagination which practitioners know is meaningless in practice? Is it just part of the rhetoric of “patient power”, sent to try doctors' patience and challenge their authority?
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    Treating Those Who Are Mentally Disordered Under the Mental Health Act 1983: Part 2.Sara Fovargue & José Miola - 2011 - Clinical Ethics 6 (2):64-67.
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    Research and Adults Without Capacity.Sara Fovargue & José Miola - 2010 - Clinical Ethics 5 (2):63-66.
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