Joseph Cain [4]Joseph Allen Cain [2]Joseph A. Cain [1]
  1. Selection type theories.Lindley Darden & Joseph A. Cain - 1989 - Philosophy of Science 56 (1):106-129.
    Selection type theories solve adaptation problems. Natural selection, clonal selection for antibody production, and selective theories of higher brain function are examples. An abstract characterization of typical selection processes is generated by analyzing and extending previous work on the nature of natural selection. Once constructed, this abstraction provides a useful tool for analyzing the nature of other selection theories and may be of use in new instances of theory construction. This suggests the potential fruitfulness of research to find other theory (...)
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    Common Problems and Cooperative Solutions: Organizational Activity in Evolutionary Studies, 1936-1947.Joseph Cain - 1993 - Isis 84:1-25.
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    Hull and selection.Joseph Allen Cain & Lindley Darden - 1988 - Biology and Philosophy 3 (2):165-171.
  4. The J. H. B. bookshelf.Katharine Park, Elizabeth B. Kenney, Michael Seltzer, Joseph Cain, Mark V. Barrow Jr & Nancy Slack - 1995 - Journal of the History of Biology 28 (3):551-563.
  5. With Commentary.Joseph Allen Cain - 1988 - Biology and Philosophy 3 (2):165.
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  6. The J.H.B. Bookshelf.Gregg Mitman, Garland E. Allen, Joseph Cain, Nancy G. Slack, Keith R. Benson, Lily E. Kay & Alix Cooper - 1994 - Journal of the History of Biology 27 (2):359-373.
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    Ernst Mayr as community architect: Launching the society for the study of evolution and the journalevolution. [REVIEW]Joseph Cain - 1994 - Biology and Philosophy 9 (3):387-427.
    Ernst Mayr''s contributions to 20th century biology extend far beyond his defense of certain elements in evolutionary theory. At the center of mid-century efforts in American evolutionary studies to build large research communities, Mayr spearheaded campaigns to create a Society for the Study of Evolution and a dedicated journal,Evolution, in 1946. Begun to offset the prominence ofDrosophila biology and evolutionary genetics, these campaigns changed course repeatedly, as impediments appeared, tactics shifted, and compromises built a growing coalition of support. Preserved, however, (...)
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