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    Confucian Perfectionism: A Political Philosophy for Modern Times.Joseph Chan - 2014 - Princeton University Press.
    Since the very beginning, Confucianism has been troubled by a serious gap between its political ideals and the reality of societal circumstances. Contemporary Confucians must develop a viable method of governance that can retain the spirit of the Confucian ideal while tackling problems arising from nonideal modern situations. The best way to meet this challenge, Joseph Chan argues, is to adopt liberal democratic institutions that are shaped by the Confucian conception of the good rather than the liberal conception of the (...)
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  2. Legitimacy, Unanimity, and Perfectionism.Joseph Chan - 2000 - Philosophy and Public Affairs 29 (1):5-42.
  3. Moral Autonomy, Civil Liberties, and Confucianism.Joseph Chan - 2002 - Philosophy East and West 52 (3):281-310.
    Three claims are defended. (1) There is a conception of moral autonomy in Confucian ethics that to a degree can support toleration and freedom. However, (2) Confucian moral autonomy is different from personal autonomy, and the latter gives a stronger justification for civil and personal liberties than does the former. (3) The contemporary appeal of Confucianism would be strengthened by including personal autonomy, and this need not be seen as forsaking Confucian ethics but rather as an internal revision in response (...)
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  4. Western Political Thought in Dialogue with Asia.Antony Black, Brett Bowden, Bruce Buchan, Joseph Chan, Fred Dallmayr, Nelly Lahoud, Cary J. Nederman, Philip Nel, Makarand Parajape, Anthony Parel, Vicki A. Spencer, Alistair Swale & Peter Zarrow - 2008 - Lexington Books.
    Western Political Thought in Dialogue with Asia is a unique collection of essays that examines the exchange of political ideas between Western Europe and Asia from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century. The contributors to the volume call for globalizing the scope of research and teaching in the history of political thought.
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    Democracy and Meritocracy: Toward a Confucian Perspective.Joseph Chan - 2007 - Journal of Chinese Philosophy 34 (2):179–193.
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    Concerns Beyond the Family.Joseph Chan - 2010 - American Journal of Bioethics 10 (4):82 – 84.
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    Does Aristotle's Political Theory Rest on a 'Blunder'?Joseph Chan - 1992 - History of Political Thought 13 (2):189-202.
    We may sum up the five roles which human beings might play in the existence of the polis in the following way: (1) Human nature plays the role of the inner principle of change which explains the type of human relation a polis takes (the polis as a type); (2) General patterns of human behaviours, together with patterns of societal conditions, play the role of material conditions which explain the variety of forms of polis; (3) Statesmen or politicians play the (...)
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    Raz on Liberal Rights and Common Goods.Joseph Chan - 1995 - Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 15 (1):15-31.
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    Political Authority and Perfectionism: A Response to Quong.Joseph Chan - 2012 - Philosophy and Public Issues - Filosofia E Questioni Pubbliche.
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    'Self-Restriction' and the Confucian Case for Democracy.Joseph Chan - 2014 - Philosophy East and West 64 (3):785-795.
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    Reply to Ci Jiwei.Joseph Chan - 2015 - Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 14 (4):589-591.
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  12. Making Sense of Confucian Justice.Joseph Chan - 1994 - Philosophy East and West 44:559-575.
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    Elster on Self-Realization in Politics: A Critical Note.Joseph Chan & David Miller - 1991 - Ethics 102 (1):96-102.
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    Confucian Attitudes Toward Ethical Pluralism.Joseph Chan - 2009 - In Tracy B. Strong & Richard Madsen (eds.), The Many and the One: Religious and Secular Perspectives on Ethical Pluralism in the Modern World. Princeton University Press. pp. 129-153.
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    Reply to Stephen C. Angle.Joseph Chan - 2014 - Philosophy East and West 64 (3):798-799.
  16. Democracy and Chinese Philosophy.Zhao Dunhua, Joseph Chan, Albert H. Y. Chen, Yong Huang, Qianfan Zhang & Shu-Hsien Liu - 2007 - Journal of Chinese Philosophy 34 (2):161-275.
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