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    The Impact of Continuity Editing in Narrative Film on Event Segmentation.Joseph P. Magliano & Jeffrey M. Zacks - 2011 - Cognitive Science 35 (8):1489-1517.
    Filmmakers use continuity editing to engender a sense of situational continuity or discontinuity at editing boundaries. The goal of this study was to assess the impact of continuity editing on how people perceive the structure of events in a narrative film and to identify brain networks that are associated with the processing of different types of continuity editing boundaries. Participants viewed a commercially produced film and segmented it into meaningful events, while brain activity was recorded with functional magnetic resonance imaging (...)
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    Verb Aspect and Problem Solving.Meghan M. Salomon, Joseph P. Magliano & Gabriel A. Radvansky - 2013 - Cognition 128 (2):134-139.
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    Those Voices in Your Head: Activation of Auditory Images During Reading.Christopher A. Kurby, Joseph P. Magliano & David N. Rapp - 2009 - Cognition 112 (3):457-461.
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  4. Assessing the Structure of Verbal Protocols.Stacey A. Todaro, Joseph P. Magliano, Keith K. Millis, Danielle S. McNamara & Christopher A. Kurby - 2008 - In B. C. Love, K. McRae & V. M. Sloutsky (eds.), Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Cognitive Science Society.
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    What Do You Want? How Perceivers Use Cues to Make Goal Inferences About Others.Joseph P. Magliano, John J. Skowronski, M. Anne Britt, C. Dominik Güss & Chris Forsythe - 2008 - Cognition 106 (2):594-632.
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