1.  14
    Cosmopolitan Anger and Shame.Joshua Hobbs - 2019 - Journal of Global Ethics 16 (1):58-76.
    Sentimental cosmopolitans argue that cultivating empathy for distant others is necessary in order to motivate action to address global injustices. This paper accepts the basic premises of the senti...
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  2.  29
    Nudging Charitable Giving: The Ethics of Nudge in International Poverty Reduction.Joshua Hobbs - 2017 - Ethics and Global Politics 10 (1):37-57.
  3.  4
    Cosmopolitan Sentiment: Politics, Charity, and Global Poverty.Joshua Hobbs - 2020 - Res Publica 27 (3):347-367.
    Duties to address global poverty face a motivation gap. We have good reasons for acting yet we do not, at least consistently. A ‘sentimental education’, featuring literature and journalism detailing the lives of distant others has been suggested as a promising means by which to close this gap. Although sympathetic to this project, I argue that it is too heavily wed to a charitable model of our duties to address global poverty—understood as requiring we sacrifice a certain portion of our (...)
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  4.  2
    Self-Interest, Transitional Cosmopolitanism and the Motivational Problem.Garrett Wallace Brown & Joshua Hobbs - forthcoming - Journal of International Political Theory:175508822211039.
    It is often argued that cosmopolitanism faces unique motivational constraints, asking more of individuals than they are able to give. This ‘motivational problem’ is held to pose a significant challenge to cosmopolitanism, as it appears unable to transform its moral demands into motivated political action. This article develops a novel response to the motivational problem facing cosmopolitanism, arguing that self-interest, alongside appeals to sentiment, can play a vital and neglected, transitional role in moving towards an expanded cosmopolitical condition. The article (...)
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  5.  13
    Asylum, Affinity, and Cosmopolitan Solidarity with Refugees.Joshua Hobbs & James Souter - 2020 - Journal of Social Philosophy 51 (4):543-563.
  6.  4
    National Injustice, Caring Institutions and Cosmopolitan Motivation.Joshua Hobbs - 2022 - Res Publica 28 (2):229-248.
    This paper examines the relationship between strategies of cosmopolitan education intended to motivate citizens of affluent countries to care about distant others facing injustice, and injustices within the borders of these affluent countries. I argue that promoting justice within affluent countries and motivating citizens to act to address global injustices, are potentially complementary rather than competing projects. I make two claims. Injustices within national borders can undermine the development of cosmopolitan concern. National institutions delivering health and social care play a (...)
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