Juan Barba [6]Juan L. Barba [1]
  1. Formal semantics in the age of pragmatics.Juan Barba - 2007 - Linguistics and Philosophy 30 (6):637-668.
    This paper aims to argue for two related statements: first, that formal semantics should not be conceived of as interpreting natural language expressions in a single model (a very large one representing the world as a whole, or something like that) but as interpreting them in many different models (formal counterparts, say, of little fragments of reality); second, that accepting such a conception of formal semantics yields a better comprehension of the relation between semantics and pragmatics and of the role (...)
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    Construction of truth predicates: Approximation versus revision.Juan Barba - 1998 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 4 (4):399-417.
    §1. Introduction. The problem raised by the liar paradox has long been an intriguing challenge for all those interested in the concept of truth. Many “solutions” have been proposed to solve or avoid the paradox, either prescribing some linguistical restriction, or giving up the classical true-false bivalence or assuming some kind of contextual dependence of truth, among other possibilities. We shall not discuss these different approaches to the subject in this paper, but we shall concentrate on a kind of formal (...)
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    A modal version of free logic.Juan L. Barba - 1989 - Topoi 8 (2):131-135.
  4. A modal embedding for partial information semantics.Juan Barba - 1989 - Logique Et Analyse 32:125-126.
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    Trees for truth.Juan Barba - 2001 - Nordic Journal of Philosophical Logic 6 (1):71-99.
    This papers aims to analyse sentences of a self-referential language containing a truth-predicate by means of a Smullyan-style tableau system. Our analysis covers three variants of Kripke's partial-model semantics (strong and weak Kleene's and supervaluational) and three variants of the revision theory of truth (Belnap's, Gupta's and Herzberger's).
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    Trees for truth.Juan Barba - 2010 - Nordic Journal of Philosophical Logic 6 (1):71-99.
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    A modal reduction for partial logic.Juan Barba - 1993 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 22 (4):429 - 435.