Juan Barba [5]Juan L. Barba [1]
  1. Formal Semantics in the Age of Pragmatics.Juan Barba - 2007 - Linguistics and Philosophy 30 (6):637-668.
    This paper aims to argue for two related statements: first, that formal semantics should not be conceived of as interpreting natural language expressions in a single model (a very large one representing the world as a whole, or something like that) but as interpreting them in many different models (formal counterparts, say, of little fragments of reality); second, that accepting such a conception of formal semantics yields a better comprehension of the relation between semantics and pragmatics and of the role (...)
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    Construction of Truth Predicates: Approximation Versus Revision.Juan Barba - 1998 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 4 (4):399-417.
  3.  66
    A Modal Version of Free Logic.Juan L. Barba - 1989 - Topoi 8 (2):131-135.
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    A Modal Reduction for Partial Logic.Juan Barba - 1993 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 22 (4):429 - 435.
  5.  45
    Trees for Truth.Juan Barba - 2001 - Nordic Journal of Philosophical Logic 6 (1):71-99.
    This papers aims to analyse sentences of a self-referential language containing a truth-predicate by means of a Smullyan-style tableau system. Our analysis covers three variants of Kripke's partial-model semantics (strong and weak Kleene's and supervaluational) and three variants of the revision theory of truth (Belnap's, Gupta's and Herzberger's).
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  6. A Modal Embedding for Partial Information Semantics.Juan Barba - 1989 - Logique Et Analyse 32:125-126.
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