1.  22
    Conceptual History, Memory, and Identity: An Interview with Reinhart Koselleck.Javier Fernández Sebastián & Juan Francisco Fuentes - 2006 - Contributions to the History of Concepts 2 (1):99-127.
  2.  31
    The Concept of Revolution in Nineteenth-Century Spain.Juan Francisco Fuentes & Javier Fernndez Sebastia - 2000 - The European Legacy 5 (3):353-364.
  3.  19
    Totalitarian Language: Creating Symbols to Destroy Words.Juan Francisco Fuentes - 2013 - Contributions to the History of Concepts 8 (2):45-66.
    This article deals with totalitarianism and its language, conceived as both the denial and to some extent the reversal of liberalism and its conceptual framework. Overcoming liberal language meant not only setting up new political terminology, but also replacing words with symbols, ideas with sensations. This is why the standard political lexicon of totalitarianism became hardly more than a slang vocabulary for domestic consumption and, by contrast, under those regimes—mainly Italian fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism—a amboyant universe of images, sounds, and (...)
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