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Juan Pablo Mejía Ramos
Rutgers University - New Brunswick
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    Functional Explanation in Mathematics.Matthew Inglis & Juan Pablo Mejía-Ramos - forthcoming - Synthese:1-24.
    Mathematical explanations are poorly understood. Although mathematicians seem to regularly suggest that some proofs are explanatory whereas others are not, none of the philosophical accounts of what such claims mean has become widely accepted. In this paper we explore Wilkenfeld’s suggestion that explanations are those sorts of things that generate understanding. By considering a basic model of human cognitive architecture, we suggest that existing accounts of mathematical explanation are all derivable consequences of Wilkenfeld’s ‘functional explanation’ proposal. We therefore argue that (...)
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  2. On Mathematicians' Different Standards When Evaluating Elementary Proofs.Matthew Inglis, Juan Pablo Mejia-Ramos, Keith Weber & Lara Alcock - 2013 - Topics in Cognitive Science 5 (2):270-282.
    In this article, we report a study in which 109 research-active mathematicians were asked to judge the validity of a purported proof in undergraduate calculus. Significant results from our study were as follows: (a) there was substantial disagreement among mathematicians regarding whether the argument was a valid proof, (b) applied mathematicians were more likely than pure mathematicians to judge the argument valid, (c) participants who judged the argument invalid were more confident in their judgments than those who judged it valid, (...)
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    On the Persuasiveness of Visual Arguments in Mathematics.Matthew Inglis & Juan Pablo Mejía-Ramos - 2009 - Foundations of Science 14 (1-2):97-110.
    Two experiments are reported which investigate the factors that influence how persuaded mathematicians are by visual arguments. We demonstrate that if a visual argument is accompanied by a passage of text which describes the image, both research-active mathematicians and successful undergraduate mathematics students perceive it to be significantly more persuasive than if no text is given. We suggest that mathematicians’ epistemological concerns about supporting a claim using visual images are less prominent when the image is described in words. Finally we (...)
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  4. An Empirical Study on the Admissibility of Graphical Inferences in Mathematical Proofs.Keith Weber & Juan Pablo Mejía-Ramos - 2019 - In Andrew Aberdein & Matthew Inglis (eds.), Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics. London: Bloomsbury Academic. pp. 123-144.
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