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    Quantum Mechanics: Modal Interpretation and Galilean Transformations. [REVIEW]Juan Sebastian Ardenghi, Mario Castagnino & Olimpia Lombardi - 2009 - Foundations of Physics 39 (9):1023-1045.
    The aim of this paper is to consider in what sense the modal-Hamiltonian interpretation of quantum mechanics satisfies the physical constraints imposed by the Galilean group. In particular, we show that the only apparent conflict, which follows from boost-transformations, can be overcome when the definition of quantum systems and subsystems is taken into account. On this basis, we apply the interpretation to different well-known models, in order to obtain concrete examples of the previous conceptual conclusions. Finally, we consider the role (...)
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    The Modal-Hamiltonian Interpretation and the Galilean Covariance of Quantum Mechanics.Olimpia Lombardi, Mario Castagnino & Juan Sebastián Ardenghi - 2010 - Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 41 (2):93-103.
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  3. Compatibility Between Environment-Induced Decoherence and the Modal-Hamiltonian Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.Olimpia Lombardi, Juan Sebastián Ardenghi, Sebastian Fortin & Mario Castagnino - unknown
    Given the impressive success of environment-induced decoherence, nowadays no interpretation of quantum mechanics can ignore its results. The modal-Hamiltonian interpretation has proved to be effective for solving several interpretative problems but, since its actualization rule applies to closed systems, it seems to stand at odds of EID. The purpose of this paper is to show that this is not the case: the states einselected by the interaction with the environment according to EID are the eigenvectors of an actual-valued observable belonging (...)
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    Mecánica cuántica.Olimpia Lombardi, Mario Castagnino & Juan Sebastián Ardenghi - 2009 - Theoria: Revista de Teoría, Historia y Fundamentos de la Ciencia 24 (1):5-28.
    RESUMEN: El propósito del presente trabajo consiste en analizar los vínculos entre la interpretación modal-hamiltoniana de la mecánica cuántica y las transformaciones de Galileo, a fin de poner de manifiesto que el grupo de tales transformaciones permite reformular la regla de actualización de un modo más básico desde un punto de vista teórico, aplicable a otras teorías cuánticas. Además se argumentará que, bajo esta nueva forma, la regla de actualización manifiesta explícitamente su invariancia frente al grupo de Galileo.ABSTRACT: The purpose (...)
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