1.  41
    Electromagnetic Mass Revisited.Julian Schwinger - 1983 - Foundations of Physics 13 (3):373-383.
    Examples of uniformly moving charge distributions that possess conserved electromagnetic stress tensors are exhibited. These constitute stable systems with covariantly characterized electromagnetic mass. This note, on a topic to which Paul Dirac made a significant contribution in 1938, is dedicated to him for his 80th birthday.
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    A Report on Quantum Electrodynamics.Julian Schwinger - 1973 - In Jagdish Mehra (ed.), The Physicist's Conception of Nature. Boston: Reidel. pp. 413--429.
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    Is Spin Coherence Like Humpty-Dumpty? I. Simplified Treatment.Berthold-Georg Englert, Julian Schwinger & Marlan O. Scully - 1988 - Foundations of Physics 18 (10):1045-1056.
    When Humpty-Dumpty had his great fall nobody could put him together again. A vastly more moderate challenge is to reunite the two partial beams of a Stern-Gerlach apparatus with such precision that the original spin state is recovered. Nevertheless, as we demonstrate, a substantial loss of spin coherence always occurs, unless the experimenter is able to control the magnetic field's inhomogeneity with an accuracy of at least one part in 105.
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