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    Em“body”ment and Disability: On Taking the “Body” out of Em“body”ment.Julie E. Maybee - 2017 - Journal of Social Philosophy 48 (3):297-320.
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    Audience Matters: Teaching issues of race and racism for a predominantly minority student body.Julie E. Maybee - 2011 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 43 (8):853-873.
    Some of the literature about teaching issues of race and racism in classrooms has addressed matters of audience. Zeus Leonardo, for example, has argued that teachers should use the language of white domination, rather than white privilege, when teaching about race and racism because the former language presupposes a minority audience, while the latter addresses an imaginary or presupposed white one. However, there seems to be little discussion in the literature about teaching these issues to an audience that is in (...)
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    Who Am I?Julie E. Maybee - 2001 - Radical Philosophy Review 4 (1-2):39-53.
    Maybee asserts that racial group formation and identity politics may be more complex than simply shared cultural practices or skin color. They may be based on political interests and commitment to liberation and antiracist struggles.
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