Julie Sedivy [4]Julie C. Sedivy [4]
  1.  41
    The Effect of Speaker-Specific Information on Pragmatic Inferences.Daniel Grodner & Julie Sedivy - 2011 - In Edward Gibson & Neal J. Pearlmutter (eds.), The Processing and Acquisition of Reference. MIT Press.
    Utterances can convey more information than they explicitly encode, and speakers exploit communicative conventions in order to say more with less. However, the burden this places on perceivers is not well understood. This chapter examines the effect of speaker-specific information on pragmatic inferences using data from an experiment which investigated the time course of the use of pragmatic information in language comprehension. Previous evidence suggests that comprehenders who encounter a referential form, including a modifier that commonly indicates contrastiveness, assume that (...)
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    Playing on the Typewriter, Typing on the Piano: Manipulation Knowledge of Objects.Jong-Yoon Myung, Sheila E. Blumstein & Julie C. Sedivy - 2006 - Cognition 98 (3):223-243.
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    Achieving Incremental Semantic Interpretation Through Contextual Representation.Julie C. Sedivy, Michael K. Tanenhaus, Craig G. Chambers & Gregory N. Carlson - 1999 - Cognition 71 (2):109-147.
  4.  15
    Resolving Attachment Ambiguities with Multiple Constraints.Michael Spivey-Knowlton & Julie C. Sedivy - 1995 - Cognition 55 (3):227-267.
  5.  61
    Implicature During Real Time Conversation: A View From Language Processing Research.Julie C. Sedivy - 2007 - Philosophy Compass 2 (3):475–496.
  6. Acknowledgment.Pauline Jacobson, Kent Bach, Shalom Lappin, Martin Stokhof, Daniel Buring, Peter Lasersohn, Thomas Ede, Paul Dekker Beth Levin Zimmermann, Julie Sedivy & Ben Russell - 2005 - Linguistics and Philosophy 28:781-782.
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  7. Acknowledgment.Pauline Jacobson, Kent Bach, Daniel Buring, Paul Dekker, Shalom Lappin, Peter Lasersohn, Beth Levin, Julie Sedivy, Martin Stokhof, Thomas Ede & Ian Lyons - 2004 - Linguistics and Philosophy 27:777-778.
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  8. Achieving Incremental Semantic Interpretation Through Contextual Representation.Julie Sedivy, MichaelTanenhaus, Craig Chambers & Gregory Carlson - 1999 - Cognition 71:109-47.
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