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    Informed Consent for MRI and fMRI Research: Analysis of a Sample of Canadian Consent Documents.Nicole Palmour, William Affleck, Emily Bell, Constance Deslauriers, Bruce Pike, Julien Doyon & Eric Racine - 2011 - BMC Medical Ethics 12 (1):1.
    BackgroundResearch ethics and the measures deployed to ensure ethical oversight of research are vested with extremely important ethical and practical goals. Accordingly, these measures need to function effectively in real-world research and to follow high level standards.MethodsWe examined approved consent forms for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging studies approved by Canadian research ethics boards .ResultsWe found evidence of variability in consent forms in matters of physical and psychological risk reporting. Approaches used to tackle the emerging issue of (...)
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    Online and Offline Performance Gains Following Motor Imagery Practice: A Comprehensive Review of Behavioral and Neuroimaging Studies.Franck Di Rienzo, Ursula Debarnot, Sébastien Daligault, Elodie Saruco, Claude Delpuech, Julien Doyon, Christian Collet & Aymeric Guillot - 2016 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 10.
  3. The Comparison Between Motor Imagery and Verbal Rehearsal on the Learning of Sequential Movements.Arnaud Saimpont, Martin F. Lafleur, Francine Malouin, Carol L. Richards, Julien Doyon & hb Philip L. Jackson - 2013 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7.
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    Motor Memory: Consolidation–Based Enhancement Effect Revisited.Julien Doyon, Julie Carrier, Alain Simard, Abdallah Hadj Tahar, Amélie Morin, Habib Benali & Leslie G. Ungerleider - 2005 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 28 (1):68-69.
    Following Karni's seminal work, Walker and other researchers have recently provided gradually convincing evidence that sleep is critical for the consolidation-based enhancement (CBE) of motor sequence learning. Studies in our laboratory using a motor adaptation paradigm, however, show that CBE can also occur after the simple passage of time, suggesting that sleep effects on memory consolidation are task-related, and possibly dependent on anatomically dissociable circuits.
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    Expert and Crowd-Sourced Validation of an Individualized Sleep Spindle Detection Method Employing Complex Demodulation and Individualized Normalization.Laura B. Ray, Stéphane Sockeel, Melissa Soon, Arnaud Bore, Ayako Myhr, Bobby Stojanoski, Rhodri Cusack, Adrian M. Owen, Julien Doyon & Stuart M. Fogel - 2015 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.