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    From Records to Self-Description: The Role Played by RNA in Early Evolutive Systems.Alvaro Moreno Bergareche & Julio Fernandez Ostolaza - 1992 - Acta Biotheoretica 40 (1):1-9.
    We study the appearance of genetic information starting from a system where self-reproductive and enzymatic functions are supported by the same sort of molecules. In a first phase, the information must have arisen in the form of rate independent sequences as records of enzymatic functions. Although this stage must have played an important role in evolution, it will be shown how its evolutive capacities were blocked by the impossibility of appearance of geno/phenotype duality. Finally, a logical scheme is proposed for (...)
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    Los Problemas de la Biología.Ostolaza Julio Fernández - 1987 - Theoria 3 (1):596-598.