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    Outcome-Adaptive Randomization in Clinical Trials: Issues of Participant Welfare and Autonomy.Julius Sim - 2019 - Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 40 (2):83-101.
    Outcome-adaptive randomization has been proposed as a corrective to certain ethical difficulties inherent in the traditional randomized clinical trial using fixed-ratio randomization. In particular, it has been suggested that OAR redresses the balance between individual and collective ethics in favour of the former. In this paper, I examine issues of welfare and autonomy arising in relation to OAR. A central issue in discussions of welfare in OAR is equipoise, and the moral status of OAR is crucially influenced by the way (...)
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    Moral Rights and the Ethics of Nursing.Julius Sim - 1995 - Nursing Ethics 2 (1):31-40.
    This paper explores the nature of rights, and their implications for the ethics of nursing. A right is seen as an entitlement which is justified on moral and/or legal grounds, and which may take the form of a right of action or a right of recipience, or both; in either case, correlative duties are generally imposed on others. Some of the conflicts which can occur among two or more conflicting rights are examined through three hypothetical scenarios, and approaches to their (...)
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    Ethical Decision-Making in Therapy Practice.Julius Sim - 1997 - Butterworth-Heinemann.
    The text is extensively referenced, but practical in its approach, giving real life examples and cases based on therapeutic practice.
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  4.  28
    The Ethical QALY: Ethical Issues in Healthcare Resource Allocations. [REVIEW]Julius Sim - 2000 - Nursing Ethics 7 (2):171-172.
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    The Nature and Ethics of Natural Experiments.Angus Dawson & Julius Sim - 2015 - Journal of Medical Ethics 41 (10):848-853.
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    Physiotherapy and the Randomized Controlled Trial: An Evaluation of Research and Development Workshops in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.Julius Sim, Krysia Dziedzic & Elaine M. Hay - 1999 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 5 (4):437-441.
  7.  1
    Book Review: Ethical Dilemmas and Nursing Practice. [REVIEW]Julius Sim - 1998 - Nursing Ethics 5 (2):181-182.