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    The Preattentive Emperor has No Clothes: A Dynamic Redressing.Vincent Di Lollo, Jun-Ichiro Kawahara, Samantha M. Zuvic & Troy A. W. Visser - 2001 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 130 (3):479.
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    Measuring the Spatial Distribution of the Metaattentional Spotlight.Jun-Ichiro Kawahara - 2010 - Consciousness and Cognition 19 (1):107-124.
    Studies in cognitive psychology have shown that the deployment of visual attention operates under spatial limitations, rendering its assignment to multiple locations difficult or costly. This study explored whether this conventional understanding applies to human metaattention as well. I measured the spatial distribution of metaattention during viewing of natural scenes and found that participants believed they could attend to multiple locations simultaneously. Study 2 tested whether this tendency could be modified by information about the tendency to overestimation. After participants were (...)
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    Assessing Acute Stress with the Implicit Association Test.Hirotsune Sato & Jun-Ichiro Kawahara - 2012 - Cognition and Emotion 26 (1):129-135.
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    The Effect of Unconscious Priming on Temporal Production☆.Fuminori Ono & Jun-Ichiro Kawahara - 2005 - Consciousness and Cognition 14 (3):474-482.
    We examined the effects of unconscious priming on temporal-interval production. In Experiment 1, participants were instructed to keep visual displays on a screen for 2500 ms intervals. Half of the displays were repeated across blocks throughout the entire experiment, and the others were newly generated from trial to trial. The displays consisted of patterns so complex that the participants could not intentionally memorize them. The results showed that significantly more time elapsed for old displays than for new displays before participants (...)
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    Attention Capture Without Awareness in a Non-Spatial Selection Task.Chris Oriet, Mamata Pandey & Jun-Ichiro Kawahara - 2017 - Consciousness and Cognition 48:117-128.
  6. Attentional Blink in Preverbal Infants.Shuma Tsurumi, So Kanazawa, Masami K. Yamaguchi & Jun-Ichiro Kawahara - 2021 - Cognition 214:104749.
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